About Consortex

CONSORTEX - European Internationalisation Maritime Consortia is a two-year project funded by the Interreg Atlantic Area Programme and involves seven partners from the five Member States of the Atlantic Area (Portugal, Spain, France, Ireland and the United Kingdom).

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The CONSORTEX project aims to form at least five export consortia consisting of European interregional SMEs who specialise in the manufacture of certain built-in packages for marine vessels and structures (bridge, engine room, accommodation and deck) including offshore vessels, marine power plants, cruise ships, scientific vessels and naval.


Target groups
  • Clusters
  • Shipbuilding and ancillary industries [SMEs]
  • Business organisations
  • National, regional and local authorities  
  • Trade unions
  • Workers in the sector
  • Research and technology centres

Interreg Atlantic Area Programme

Priority: 1. Stimulating innovation and competitiveness
Objective: 1.1. Enhancing innovation capacity through corporation to foster competitiveness

ERDF funding: 1.262.250,00 €
Total budget: 1.683.000,00 €